The popular Mexican clown and actor Ricardo González Gutiérrez “Cepillín” died Monday at 75, because of respiratory failure, after being diagnosed with spinal cancer. The cancer was found when he recently had spinal surgery.

Cepillín was in intensive care for a few days due to respiratory failure and pneumonia after recovering from his operation and was awaiting his chemotherapy treatment.

Hours before his death, his son Ricardo González Jr. trusted that his father would be fine as the doctors indicated the cancer had been detected in time.

He had said that his father had taken the news that he had cancer calmly.

“You know my dad. He said, ‘I have to die of something.’ He turned to see us and said, ‘I have cancer,’” he said.

However, he did not overcome respiratory failure and pneumonia.

Successful 50-year career

Ricardo González was born on February 7, 1946, in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

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Upon his departure from television, he successfully founded a circus, which sustained his career for two more decades.

The last thing he did for the small screen was the program “Viva la Familia,” in which he was invited by Aracely Arámbula.

In 2020, with his participation in the play “CuarenTenorio Cómico,” he announced his retirement from the stage after a 50-year career.

He had prepared a farewell tour, alongside his two children, Cepi and Franki, who followed in his footsteps in comedy.

‘I was born without paint and I leave without it’

During his last news conference, González was well, and although he did not think about death, he said that he was not afraid of it because he knew that no one is eternal.

He pointed out that when death arrived, he did not want to wear the “Cepillín” makeup because he considered the clown a living character who amused many people.

“How ugly would it be if I was in the box made up, the character is made up … it would be horrible, not at all, I was born without paint and I leave without it,” he said.

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Ana Wilson

Ana Wilson

Artist,Writter,Blogger, Content Creator

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